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3 Top Tips for Holiday Let Owners to Improve Photos on your Website

3 Top Tips for Holiday Let Owners to Improve Photos on your Website

It may seem obvious, but photographs are one of the most important aspects when showcasing and selling your holiday home to potential guests. Ensuring your photos are crisp, clear with continuity will show your customers a true reflection of what you are offering, which will hopefully convert to more bookings.

We are very lucky these days that most of us own a smart phone which can capture some pretty good content, but practice makes perfect so don’t settle for that blurry, off centered photos. Ask trusted family and friends what they think of your current portfolio, constructive criticism shouldn’t be taken as offense, we all strive to want to do better.

Remember, you are selling a break to your guests and you shouldn’t sell yourself or your beautiful holiday home short.


Keep your photographs fresh. Throughout the year, you are given numerous opportunities to swap and change your photographs to suit the season.

For example, documenting the Christmas season. Capture that scene of  your Christmas tree twinkling fairy lights with presents wrapped beneath, the log burner is lit with someone snuggled on the armchair with a mug of hot chocolate – guests can visualise themselves spending their much wanted Christmas away in your warm and inviting holiday home. You can create an appealing vision of what your guests can expect and the likelihood of this converting to sales will increase, especially if this is what they are searching for – or that they didn’t know they were searching for!

You may have to plan your year ahead but do make the most of these opportunities. This doesn’t have to be solely on your website, keep your social media current with these opportunities. People are exceptionally nosey, create a video of you setting up your seasonal set up. This in turn is an opportunity to showcase your property to potential guests.  Make the most of the wonderful seasonal moments!

Photo credit:  Nest and Hideout at Sleepy Owl Devon 


Now, we briefly touched on that many smart phones can capture some great shots. However, we always recommend having professional photography done.  Do your research, speak to fellow owners for their opinions and invest in some excellent professional photographs. We cannot emphasise how important this is and can be a complete gamechanger for you, especially if you are struggling for bookings.

Professionals know what they are doing, by shooting from angles you may not have thought about. Also, perfecting the photos by editing or applying a filter that may suit the aesthetic your are trying to achieve. Sometimes smaller properties are hard to capture, professionals have the equipment that ensures they get the shots that enhance and showcase your property!

See below an example of how professional photography really has enhanced the property:-


Photo credit: Polkanugga Farm Retreats

Portrait and landscape

Variety. It is always great to have a variety of portrait and landscape images, as they can be used for different methods of displaying your property.

Portraits are preferred for social media content such as Instagram Stories.  They are much more eye catching, fill the screen and really elevates the image being used.

Whereas landscape photographs are much better for website content, the images also capture a lot more. So if you have a large open plan type living room, its great to get multiple shots of landscapes and portraits as they images can be used for different methods of exposure!

Photo credit: ReWild Things Treehouses

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