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Top 4 Methods of FREE Promotion For Your Holiday Home

Top 4 Methods of FREE Promotion For Your Holiday Home

Invest time exploring how you are marketing your holiday home, initially it may take a while to establish but your hard work WILL pay off  and convert into bookings!

Are your photos portraying your property in its best light? Is your website user friendly? Are you optimising the reach of your listing? The list may seem endless on how to push forward with marketing.

We asked the team here at ToWander UK for their top tips on increasing bookings for FREE, keep reading to find out what they said!

1. Organic Social Media

Whilst social media tends not to be the channel that most bookings will come directly from, it is one of the best methods of creating brand awareness for your business.

Studies have shown that in order for someone to take action, the product or service has to be seen at least 7 times. This number increases as the offering becomes more expensive. Posting high-quality content regularly to multiple platforms is one of the best ways to get in front of a lot of people consistently which helps to increase the likelihood that they convert.

2. Post in Holiday Property Facebook Groups

Across Facebook there are groups full of people looking to decide where they should go on their next holiday, all of them are potential new customers.

There are a lot of accommodation owners posting in these kind of groups so make sure your posts are high-quality and stand out. Also, be sure to follow each group’s rules to keep the admins happy and not generate any negativity around your business.

Photo by Firmbee.com on Unsplash

3. Build Strong Rapport

Whilst going the extra mile might mean you spend more time on each booking you take, it helps massively with rapport. Try to incorporate some unique and personal features into your offering, there are plenty of ways to do this for free.


Guests who feel like they’ve had an amazing experience with some unique touches at your accommodation are much more likely to sing your praises to their friends, families and co-workers etc.

4. Optimise your website for search engines

Search Engine Optimisation can feel complex at first but nailing the principles will do your website wonders in terms of getting found on search engines without having to spend any money.

In essence, the crux of getting found online is knowing what your potential guests are likely to be searching for on Google, and ensuring your website contains these all-important ‘keywords’. See below to get started with the basics of SEO on your website: Read more.

Why not list with us?

If you’ve got some budget to put behind your marketing, have you considered listing with us? We can help you secure commission-free bookings! Listing on ToWander UK means exposure on our website which received 2.5 million impressions last year, potential features on our paid advertising campaigns and spots on our social media accounts that have a combined following of over 90,000.